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What is the CSAA False Alarm Online Training?

False alarms are a threat to everyone. Police budgets are already strained and unnecessary calls to a residence or business stretch resources further. Not to mention the fact that a response to real emergency may be delayed putting lives in danger.

Some local authorities are responding to this growing false alarm threat with stiff penalties including fines and denial of service. Don’t let this happen to you!

The Central Station Alarm Association has created a convenient online course to teach you how to avoid false alarms.

CSAA’s online False Alarm Online Training course:

  • Is easy
  • Is convenient
  • Is the most effective tool available
  • Students pay $39.95

Alarm systems are the most effective way to protect your property and safety. Don’t let false alarms come between you and the protection you deserve. The online False Alarm Reduction course will provide you with the tools you need to effectively limit your chances of a false alarm. Some jurisdictions are even accepting the completion certificate as an alternative to fines and service denials.

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